About us

In 2019, a large group of banks, insurers and other financial institutions signed a charter calling for more gender diversity in the financial sector. The goal? To give equal, fair opportunities to everyone working in the financial sector: men, women and X.

To make sure that the charter would not remain an empty promise, Women in Finance was created. What started as a private initiative has grown into an association that now has all major financial institutions in its ranks.

Our key drivers

  • Worldwide, slightly more women than men are employed in the financial world, but women hold only 28% of the management positions.
  • In our country, financial institutions have on average at least two glass ceilings in their structure.
    • The first ceiling is visible to many from middle management (middle managers).
    • he second from senior management (board members).
  • In terms of promotions, we see that today women represent 41.7% of new appointments at management level.
    • Yet the presence of women in senior management positions remains low. Today, less than 30% of senior management positions are held by women.
    • An important benchmark when you know that the benefits of gender diversity are greatest when you achieve a mix of at least 1/3rd.

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