Where are the signatories today? Where do they want to go? And how will they use the charter to achieve their goals? These - and many other - questions are answered in the annual Wo.Men in Finance report.

Claire Godding's objective? To make the entire financial sector more inclusive and diverse. This is a question of collective intelligence for the company, which requires human resources processes from recruitment onwards, as well as an inclusive culture and leadership.

Finance needs to change to enable women to compete for high-flying positions in the same proportion as men. Laura Lumingu (Senior Policy Advisor at KBC) and Jérémie Maes (Segment Manager at Belfius) take a look at the issue.

Wo•Men in Finance: three years after its creation, the association, which now has 50 members, is regarded as an example in Belgium and Europe. What is next for Wo•Men in Finance? Read it here in our annual report.