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31 March, 2024

Inclusive March Challenge

Dear colleagues working in finance,

We are coming close to the month of March, where we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day on the 1st of March, International Women’s Day on the 8th , International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on the 21st…

Good news! The Inclusive March Challenge is back! We have created a unique challenge for teams to engage in:

(All teams working in the financial sector can participate, we can have several teams participating in a same organisation!)

The Inclusive March Challenge!

Are you looking for an innovative teambuilding exercise about inclusion?

Would you like to win a fun, original teambuilding that brings out the most creative/inclusive version of you?

Are you ready to share on LinkedIn what your team is learning during the challenge?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then this challenge is YOURS!

It consists of 5 inclusion exercises, one for every week of March, requiring input from all the team members. No material or any costs are involved.

Week 0:

We start with an easy one : Choose a team motto and share it on LinkedIn! It can be from a song/book/quote about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Week 1:

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. The them for this year is: ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’. We want you to brainstorm about different ways in which your team can invest in women. 

Find the link here

Week 2:

Measure your bias by doing the Implicit Association (IAT) Test. Each person should test 1 bias (gender, age, skin colour, disability…) , and share what you learned in the process! You do not have to share the results of the test, that is of course personal.

Find the link here

Week 3:

The 21st of March is the International Day Against Racism and Discrimination.

Listen to the video we suggest. Then share examples of racist microaggressions that you heard, and come up with ideas on how to react to them, as allies of your colleagues of different origins.

Check out the Inclusion in Finance e-book

Week 4:

As a team, what is one extra learning milestone/one area you would like to improve on? Post your question on LinkedIn, and leading experts in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion will answer your question