On the first of June we are organising an event based on the further results of our survey on career blockers. This event will be a hands-on practical event that focuses not only on the WHY of 'Why is this important?' but also on the HOW of 'How can we improve'? We want you to go home with practical knowledge, which is why there will be a total of six workshops organised by our workstreams, every participant will automatically be enrolled for two of them. For more info and to register, click on the link.


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On October 13th of 2022, the day of our WIF Networking event, kindly hosted by our member BNP PARIBAS FORTIS at their new auditorium, was finally there! We had keynotes from excellent professional speakers Elke Jeurissen, Karen de Sousa Pesse, Wahida Salaam and 7 professional networking witnesses, true interactive workshops from each one of them and a complete networking exercise. We asked some attendees for their key take aways from the event and these were their answers (available on Youtube and our Instagram):

(118) BE PRESENT - YouTube

Wo.Men in Finance Belgium (@womeninfinancebelgium) • Instagram photos and videos

We are happy to have received very positive feedback on the event. Our goal was to help people, especially women, working in finance upgrade their networking skills and experience and to inspire people to be themselves. We can safely say thay we accomplished!

For pictures of the event, check the link below:

Wo•Men in Finance Networking event 2022 - Google Foto's



We believe we can safely say that the first edition of ‘Wo·Men in Finance International Conference’ on the 2nd of June 2022, has been a GREAT SUCCESS!

With 500 participants in total, the vice president of the European Parliament Mrs. Evelyn Regner speaking personally, the prime minister Alexander De Croo and European commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli addressing our initiative and inspiring panels with in total 24 extremely succesful professionals it has been an amazing experience! Did you miss the event or want to re-watch some of the motivating and eye-opening content? See below.

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Click here to go to the 2.0 (involving the young) panel

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