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01 June, 2023


On the 1st of June 2023, Wo.Men in Finance Belgium hosted yet another INclusive, educational, sparkling and moving event. Moving as we aimed at creating mind-shifts. Practical because with 6 workshops, this event focused on TACKLING the career blockers that we identified during the further results of our survey about career blockers in the financial sector. We wanted you to go home not only with the ‘WHY’ of ‘Why does this matter?’, but also with the ‘HOW’ of ‘How can we create change?’. The event took place at Vlerick Business School, which attracted over 120 professionals from various functions and seniority levels in the finance sector in Belgium

The event included six different workshops, facilitated by committed members of the Wo.Men in Finance community and Vlerick faculty. The interactive workshops aimed to instigate personal change within the participants and potentially contribute to larger transformational processes within their respective organisations. Click here to check out the main takeaways of all of the workshops!

Click here to discover the main takeaways of every workshop.

Click here to discover some pictures of the event.